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Life Alignment Academy

Oppdatert: 20. nov. 2019

The Life Alignment Academy offers a profound teaching of the healing foundation principles

First, what is Life Alignment?

Life Alignment is a spiritual, energy healing system designed by DR. Jeff Levin (DNM, Bio-architect and extraordinary healer) more than 30 years ago.

Life Alignment is a very refined system of energy healing and energy medicine. It helps bring into balance our health and wellbeing and supports our personal and spiritual development. It gives us the opportunity to connect with our Higher Self/Soul/Awareness and integrate this connection in our daily lives. Beyond this, it also addresses the environment of our food, our home and our business. It takes a holistic, intuitive, and spiritual approach to transformation. For us, it is one of the most subtle and yet powerful healing systems we have experienced.


Working with Life Alignment is a joy, because it helps you to feel how 

interconnected we are, how unconditionally loved we are and how much

guidance there is for each and every one of us. Always has been, and always

will be. Simply by going inward and finding the connection with our deep

inner knowing and Being. 

Life Alignment is developed from a synthesis of ancient healing wisdom and modern science, incorporating revolutionary Vortex Technology. The technique works at the root cause level of issues. This is so important, because the root cause is where the unbalance has started. To be able to locate the root cause and look it in the eye, means we can truly transform the dysfunctional pattern that gets us feeling stuck. The beautiful thing about Life Alignment is that it is able to look at all levels of our being: physical, emotional mental and spiritual. The root causes mostly lie in the subtle and spiritual levels of consciousness. Life Alignment is able to bring the unbalance back into harmony with the whole energy field.

During this process of healing, which we call a balance, we receive information that helps us understand the way the patterns play out in our lives. So, after a balance our consciousness is expanded and we gain insights that help us to change the way we act and react to situations. We can outgrow our pain and trauma, to become more happy, healthy, vital and connected to the flow of life's energy. 

Ultimately, it is about the expansion of our consciousness and health in the broadest sense – coming into alignment with who we truly are and how we may best live in the world. Being in alignment with our highest consciousness and Soul's true purpose! Life Alignment is a very special and beautiful tool to help gain this connection in your life. You can use it on yourself, your family and loved ones, but also for professional use on your clients. 

   Who is Life Alignment for?

For anyone who seeks healing and who wants to open up to their own potential, in every area of life

For those who want to free themselves from the burden of the past and fully live in the present

For those who want to discover their Soul's true purpose

For those who want to help others move to a higher level of consciousness

For those who work as healers and want to use this tool in their practice

For those who simply seek the joy of connecting with their soul

And, the best part is: everyone can learn this!

   Learn the spiritual healing technology of the future!

The Life Alignment Academy offers a profound teaching of the healing foundation principles of Life Alignment. It is a complete training program for personal and professional growth. The Academy consists of 3 levels during which you will learn to heal yourself and others.

During the training you will learn how to guide yourself, and your client, through a deep journey of transformation. The Life Alignment Academy provides you with the necessary technical skills and experiences to integrate Life Alignment into your daily life and therefore develop a lasting and balanced relationship with yourself and everyone around you. Working with Life Alignment will enable your Light Being to manifest itself. When you commit to your own growth and deep spiritual healing, you are in the position to become a beam of Light for others.


This is why we do everything we can to support and guide you.


When you enroll in this program, YOU become our Priority! 

​In 2014, the Life Alignment Academy opened her doors to the first group of students. Since then, many enthusiastic students have taken the course and continued with the Teacher Training Program. The hometown of the Academy is in Turin (Italy), and until now the Academy has only been taught in Italian. The program in the Netherlands will be taught in English, which makes it a unique opportunity for a bigger group of people to learn the Academy style of learning and teaching Life Alignment. 

  The Life Alignment Academy Netherlands is open to all of you who:

Wish to learn Life Alignment from zero

Want to continue to study Life Alignment through the Academy after having completed one or more Modules

Feel they want to refresh their knowledge of Life Alignment

Desire to train to become a Life Alignment/Life Alignment Academy Practitioner or Teacher


Are you interested to learn more about the program?  

Visit us and learn more here:


Life Alignment Academy

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